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2003 Tornado Highlight Video!
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Disclaimer: This video contains explicit language.

This video includes some of the most dramatic, exciting, and intense tornado footage captured in the 2003 storm chasing season. It includes 14 tornadoes seen between March and late June. This 65 minute video of non stop tornado footage will keep you entertained! It features:

May 15: Stratford, TX

We encountered two simultaneous tornadoes on this spectacular chase! As we are east of an evolving rope/elephant trunk tornado, a wedge tornado forms to our northwest! Experience the intensity as we drive in-between the two tornadoes, one to our west and one to our northwest! This footage is a must see for all weather enthusiasts.

May 4: Girard, Kansas


As we exit the Kansas town of Girard and enter Franklin, we see a large, dark mass ahead of us. It turns out to be a 3/4 mile wide (strong) F4 tornado! Watch this dramatic video as we drive up to the tornado and are forced to go in reverse to avoid the now expanding wedge!

June 24: South Dakota Tornadoes!

This will be a best-of section for the most amazing tornado day this century. Watch as the most beautiful, photogenic and intense tornadoes are captured from a few miles to only yards away! This video WILL put you at the edge of your seat!

May 8: Moore Tornado


Watch Simon's perspective of the Moore, Oklahoma F4 tornado. Sit at the edge of your seat as Simon takes on this tornado with his 1989 Astro Minivan. He parks only yards from the path of this large tornado. Watch as he is pelted by debris, high winds, and the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

May 16: Prague, OK

The town of Prague, Oklahoma had no advanced warning. Not many people have seen video of this tornado (probably because WE have possibly one of only a handful {being optimistic} of videos of this amazing tornado). Watch as this ghostly white beast rips apart barns and small houses.

May 9: OKC Night time


The elusive Oklahoma City night time tornado. See the tornado become illuminated by power flashes as it sweeps through the metropolitan area. As the tornado approaches the interstate we drive away while it is illuminated by more power flashes.

April 5: Aspermont, Texas


The first photogenic tornado of the year is always a memorable one. This chase included the complete chase team: Jim, Simon, and Tom. We encountered this cone tornado near Aspermont, Texas on the afternoon of April 5th.

May 1: Muskogee, OK

Locals drive by asking which way the tornado is headed as it emerges from the rain. Watch debris from a mobile home fly into the air as the tornado causes its final moment of destruction in its rope out stage. This was one of the first tornadoes that formed during a period from May 1 through May 10 which would set the record for the greatest number of tornadoes during the month of May.



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