Simon Brewer Meteorologist and Stormchaser

Simon Brewer is a meteorologist, stormchaser, photographer, videographer, and adventurer featured in "Storm Riders" on The Weather Channel. He was born and raised in Dayton, OH and is currently based out of Norman, OK.

Simon began chasing storms in the fall of 1999. A few of his storm chasing accomplishments include: documenting the widest tornado in history(2.5 mile Wide Hallam, NE Tornado), and intercepting the eyes of 3 Major Hurricanes including Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. History. He has witnessed hundreds of tornadoes, 10 hurricanes, 2 tropical storms and thousands of supercells in his 14 years of storm chasing!

Simon's life is chasing tornadoes, hurricanes, supercells, blizzards, ice storms, hail, lightning, floods, wild fires, dust storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, and astronomical events. He enjoys sharing his love of weather and nature with the world on; connecting the world with the most awesome displays of violence and beauty the atmosphere can produce. His goal when storm chasing is to experience extreme weather phenomena, document the event, publish collected information to help science, educate, entertain, and help to protect the public.

Simon also enjoys running, hiking, mountaineering and disc golf (not ball golf), which compliment his passion for weather. Chasing storms over shadows all of these hobbies.

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A young Simon posing in front of ominous arcus cloud in SW OK

Simon leaning into strong thunderstorm outflow in SW KS

Simon surrounded by devastation in Orange, TX from Hurricane Rita

Simon on Chimney Topps in Great Smoky Mountains Nat. Park

Eastern Wyoming

Officially an Educated Meteorologist


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