March 28th, 2007

Texas Panhandle Tornado Outbreak

Simon Brewer and Tom Santillo documented a tornado outbreak in the Panhandle of Texas.

Simon: I ran out of my Dynamics II test at ~5 pm with a feeling of euphoria and anxiety, if that is possible, because I was sure I performed very well on the exam, and yet I knew I would be missing tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle; both feelings proved to be correct.

Basically, Tom was waiting for me in the parking lot, I ran to my car, and we were on Highway 9 'gunnning it' out of Norman by 5:08 pm. At ~7:40 pm I took the picture of the mammatus clouds, which had formed under the anvil of one tornadic supercells to my WSW. By ~8:10 we were SSE of McLean, TX on some small farm road taking pictures of an incredible supercell. We witnessed one stovepipe tornado devlop south of McLean around dark and another tornado form near McLean after dark. Pretty good day for me considering I did very well on a very important test and 3 hours later caught 2 tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle!

1st pic is the mammatus from I-40 near Sayre, OK.

2nd pic is of beaver's tail feeding into tornadic supercell near Hedley, TX.

3rd pic is of the tornadic supercell updraft, which was located about 10-15 miles SSW of McLean, TX.


This pic is from a farm road SSE of McLean, TX looking NW at a stovepipe tornado. Sorry, but the tornado is hard to find, so in the pic is merely this picture with the tornado labled.







This tornado is much more visible in this picture.





Nice lightning strike in front of tornado, but can't see tornado very well in this pic.



Here are video stills of the stovepipe tornado south-southeast of McLean, TX:









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